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Hackettstown Fire Department
Vigilant Hook & Ladder Co. #1

2013 Holiday Raffle

1st Prize worth up to $1,000 Cash*

4 Prizes will be drawn

Drawing - November 15th, 2013 at 8:00pm

Moore St. Firehouse, 110 Moore St. Hackettstown, NJ

Tickets are $20

Contact any Ladder Company Member or Tom Buchanan (908) 303-3549

A total of 250 tickets are available for sale.
If all tickets are sold the prizes will be as follows:
First Prize $1,000 cash Third Prize $500 cash
Second Prize $750 cash Fourth Prize $250 cash

In the event that all tickets are not sold 50% of the total sales
will be divided among the four prizes as follows:

First Prize 20% of total sales Third Prize 10% of total sales
Second Prize 15% of total sales Fourth Prize 5% of total sales